Dolphin海豚 - 空拍打造3D地標 Build 3D Landmark

[TKU’s Mascot & Milestone – Dolphin] The Dolphin Milestone located at Chinese Palace-style Classrooms’ intersection, which sculpted by Mr. Wang, WANG HIS-CHI. Dolphin is the mascot of Tamkang University which was selected by all the students, it is the smartest and lively mammal under the sea. The most amazing thing is dolphin has strong ability of traveling around the world. The founder had four Chinese phrases engraved on the pedestal of Dolphin Milestone for encouraging Tamkang’s students. The meaning of those phrases is ‘Basing on the TKU and looking at the world, staying connected and creating the future.’ - < TKU Campus Views >

*UAV 3D Modeling means we make the 3D model by UAV photographs! Not only realistic but also has accurate measurements function.