Modular Design

The payload modularizing which made instrument or equipment could be installed easier and adjusted for different missions.  Our professional team could assist you to achieve your mission goal and provide you our professional experience.  Every drone will be tested for ensuring the excellent reliability and stability before delivered to you.  Furthermore, our modularize design allows you to upgrade the hardware and software arbitrarily. 


The Best Aerial Application Platform

The aerial application platform we designed provide the great stability since every of them needs to pass rigorously test and verification.  It could resistance to 8m / sec of strong winds, and it is raindrops-proof.  It makes our users could gather their data conveniently in three-dimensional space, which become the best choice of aerial application platform. 


Basic Hardware Specification

32 bit flight controller

uBlox M8N GPS

ST Micro  triaxial gyroscope + triaxial accelerometer/compass

MPU 6000 triaxial gyroscope + triaxial accelerometer

MS5611 pressure sensor

12000mAh 6-cell LiPo battery


MAX payload : 1.5Kg

MAX Anti-wind capability): 8m/s

Recommended cruise speed: 5m/s (MAX cruise speed : 8m/s)

MAX ceiling: 4000m(sea level is 0m)

Service ceiling: 500m(Departure level is 0m)