About Us

Flying Aerialphoto Information Co., Ltd. is established in Mar. 2012, which uses Unmanned Arial Vehicles (hereafter: UAV) to integrate different technology for providing the fattest space information services and instant high-resolution orthophotos…and so on.  We have professional technician, who are experienced in aerial survey and geographic Information system, for providing the precision and high quality results.
We have different UAV for different situations to insure the greatest result is taken, and kept integrating every space information services, such as orthophotos, terrestrial scanner, BIM modeling, and 3D UAV Modeling.  We provide ‘Total Solution’ for you all and still moving on the greatest goal.
  • Spotlight Enterprise Award by SMEA, Ministry of Economic Affairs
  • SBIV by SMEA, Ministry of Economic Affairs
    [Three Consecutive Years!]